South Dakota History Adventures is like 4 field trips wrapped into one! Students in grades 4-6 will experience a day filled with exploration of central South Dakota's people, places and history, culminating in an hour long river boat ride.

In addition to the boat ride, every student will experience the Lakota Star Show. Other options include a teacher's choice visit to the Cultural Heritage Center, the National Guard Museum, and/or the Casey Tibbs Museum/

Save the Date: May 6-10, 2019.

Cost is $9/participant (including teachers and parent chaperones). History Adventures is held in early May. Contact Anne for more information. 

For more information including how to register please see: 

Sponsored by the SD Humanities Council and BankWest


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Friends of the South Dakota Discovery Center. 
Friends provide on going support so that the
children and families in our community have access to hands-on science learning, now and in the future.

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