Traveling Programs

All the fun & wonder of the Discovery Center delivered to your school, out-of-school time program, or community event!

SD Discovery Center
Outreach Program Fees

$375 per day

plus $.42 per mile,

$26 per diem, and lodging

Our traveling programs are dynamic, interactive programs which introduce students to the fun of science while teaching core concepts.

Get your students revved up on science! Watch as they learn how much FUN science can be! Our presenters will inspire students with awesome science demonstrations in an interactive format. These outreach programs are aligned to state standards. They are specifically designed with your students’ educational needs in mind and in support of your efforts to encourage their love of science.

If you have a BankWest in your county, you are eligible for a half-price Traveling Program. Ask about details when you call. To reserve a Traveling Program call the SD Discovery Center at 605-224-8295 or contact Rhea at least two weeks in advance.

Bubble Festival

Maximum: 30 students per session
Session: 6 per day
Grades: K-6
Cost: $100/60 minute session ($375 program pricing does not apply)

Based on the GEMS kit, this hands-on, inquiry based exploration of bubble science will develop questioning, observation and problem solving.

The Science of Flight

Maximum: 20 students per session
Session: 6 per day
Grades: 2-8
Cost: $100/60 minute session ($375 program pricing does not apply)

Special Note: Requires high ceilings and 2 adults/10 students

Students will love this active program. They’ll explore the science of flight by constructing and testing all sorts of flying objects. Testing, designing, recording designs alterations… Basic engineering skills are all part of this exciting program. It can be a great spark for science fair projects and Newton’s Law lessons. This program requires high ceilings and plenty of space for flight runs. This programs requires many extra hands. The school will need to line up volunteers at ratio of 2 adults/10 students.

Solids, Liquids, Gases

Maximum: 25 students
Sessions: 6 per day
Grades 2 – 5

Believe it or not, not everything boils at 100 degrees C and freezes at 0 degrees C. Experiment with what happens to balloons, rubber balls, hot dogs and flowers when they meet with liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Learning about the states of matter has never been so exciting.

Portable Planetarium

Maximum: 25 students (20 high school)
Sessions: 6 per day
Grades K and up


With the SD Discovery Center’s new digital planetarium, you will see an incredible view of the stars and planets! Observe beautiful images of the night sky, learn Greek constellation stories, and discover more about our galaxy. The new digital planetarium provides fun, reliable and flexible educational programs for school audiences, after school programs and summer camps.


The Lakota Nation has always looked to nature for its guidance. View the constellations as they see them. Learn how they used the constellations as maps, clocks, and for teaching life lessons to their children.

Phantom of the Universe

Join us on the hunt for dark matter and explore the deep science that happens a mile underground in the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Recommended for grades 5 and up.

ATTENTION ALL SCHOOLS in the following counties:

Charles Mix, Davison. Douglas, Haakon, Hughes, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Lawrence, Lyman, McCook, Pennington, Potter, Stanley, Sully, Todd, Tripp, Walworth

You are eligible to receive1/2 off the price of SD Discovery Center Programs

There are no grants to write, no forms to fill out, no hoops to jump through, simply call 224-8295 or email Rhea to schedule a program for your school. This unique opportunity for you to bring exciting science demonstrations & workshops to your school is brought to you by THE BANKWEST FOUNDATION.


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