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Daisy Badge Day: What Robots Do

  • 4 Jun 2018
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • SD Discovery Center
  • 7


  • Includes Daisy Badge

Registration is closed

What Robots Do

A robot is a machine that is programmed to act automatically. Robots do things we, as humans, can’t or don’t like to do. Robots can be super small to go into small spaces or be built to go places that are too hot or cold for us. They can even go to far away planets and send information back to scientists! Learn about the many things robots do, and work in teams, like engineers, to design a robot that solves an everyday problem.

  1. Learn about robots
  2. Find out what robots can do
  3. Team up to design your own robots

When I’ve earned this badge, I will know about the many things robots can do and the steps engineers take to build a robot in teams.

Important: No tag-a-longs. 
Girl Fee: $15.00 Includes: Activities and patch


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children and families in our community have access to hands-on science learning, now and in the future.

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