Rescue Readers

Rescue Readers Partnership with PAWS

The Rescue Readers program aims to help children and rescue animals develop important interpersonal skills.

A joint effort co-managed by PAWS and the SD Discovery Center, these heart-warming read-a-thons benefits both participating students and live-in rescue animals, who love listening as children read to them!

Supervised by PAWs and SDDC staff to maintain a safe environment, the Rescue Readers program develops a young person's social skills, while also helping them overcome any shyness to become more comfortable, confident readers.

As for the animals, they love the attention and, through the time the children spend with them, become more comfortable in social environments, learning how to interact with people of all ages.

Who doesn't love a good story? Join us today! Pre-registration is required.

Reading Is Crucial to STEAM

Science is not just about hands-on experimentation, it is about thinking critically and communicating our observations. 

Strong literacy skills build confidence and future scientists! 

The SDDC is proud to partner with PAWs Animal Rescue on this important program.